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The rules are that there aren’t any rules…..

Posted by Nikki Otto on
The rules are that there aren’t any rules…..
Having my hands dipped in chemicals since the age of 16 wasn’t something that concerned me until we tried for our second child…. when trying for our first (and only as it turned out) we were Completely oblivious to any of the long term effects…. and after our second cycle of ivf and a few health problems I had my first experience with a naturopath…. she talked about gut health and probiotics and live blood testing and after seeing results I found myself preaching to any one who would listen (actually even if they didn’t listen I probably still carried on )…. this opened my eyes up to wanting to try every thing…. my hot yoga became for me a little harsh on my inflammation at the time so off I would go to anything and everything that came my way. My tribe became a whole load of new experiences as one friend in particular would say and still does “the weirder the better”
We have been to Guru’s, yoga camps, retreats,  Harakrishna evenings, crystal singing bowl chakra balancing, the list is huge and I’ve loved and continue to love every minute of it…. Along the way we have laughed ,cried, grown and thrived and for myself it is life changing and now a lot of it has become my authentic self, now that’s not to say I don’t love make up, fashion, chick flicks and reality shows cause anyone who knows me will know that I love a good (or even not so good) reality show. The point is that you don’t need to put yourself in a box….. The only limitations are the rules and boundaries that you put on yourself…. some of my healthiest co workers have been smokers…. just be you…. I rarely drink, am a  home body and can also at times be sociable but I just go with how I feel on the day. Contradict yourself, do what feels right for you and do it in your way and time…..  The journey is only just beginning!
Love Nikki xxx

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