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It’s Goneburger

Posted by Nikki Otto on
It’s Goneburger
It all started on Wednesday night with the famous ‘bowel prep’ , thank gawd it is now suppositories rather than the world most disgusting fleet drink.
Thursday 5.15 time to get up and then use hospital wipes from head to toe, sticky but strangely refreshing.
6.15 The car ride where the nerves kicked in….
8.30 So after been asked the same questions a million times, in walk not one but two surgeons who are the best in Waikato so I am one happy camper and next thing I know it’s 5pm… I woke up incredibly sore and kept mentioning to the staff that although I had a catheter I was busting…. this went on for hours and finally a wonderful nurse simply straightened a kink in it and ahhhh instant relief! To be honest that was the only pain really.
It was quite major surgery with everything stuck together with endo and adhesions but now I’m feeling lighter and so so excited…. I am really interested to see how my hormones settle down as my surgeon said my ovaries are had it which can mean early menopause.
Now that I have the time to reflect what my body has been through from the age of 14 I am now able to start new…. some how this crazy body of mine was still able to give us our now 15 year old son… it’s been through two rounds of uncucessful IVF which is no easy task, had 6 surgeries which is a lot for being only 43…. lived with hurendous pain and hormone imbalance which caused a lot of anxiety and depression and this time I am taking no chances… eat as clean as I can, get back to my rituals of meditation, yoga and other weird stuff I do and love, and I am about to embark on the study of Ayurvedic yoga and nutrition for me, for you…. living like this is not okay for anyone and I want to be able to add other elements to my reiki services….
But for Now I feel free, nearly 30 years of gyne problems but NO MORE!
I’d love to hear other journeys and how you are all going out there!
You’ve got this girls
Love Nikki xxx

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