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Cut it out

Posted by Nikki Otto on
Cut it out
So who would have thought that having your girls bits removed could be so exciting?!
One week to go and I‘m ampt!
Having period issues since the age of 14 has contributed to so many shitty memories…. I could be out socially and to scared to get up because I felt blood clots seeping through my pants so sometimes it was easier to stay home. Sleeping at night with towels wrapped around me to get that little more sleep, wearing old nana knickers as a teen to hold the biggest surfboards you’ve ever seen, going on school camp and having to tie my jacket around my waist in case I ‘leeked’, no swimming at the beach in case I attracted sharks, booked out as a busy hair stylist and needing to run to the bathroom…. shit and that’s not even starting on the pain….
So I’ve opted out, yip after trying everything possible holistic and western next week I am getting a hysterectomy and to tell you the truth I feel like I’ve won lotto…. so I will share the odd bits about it and feel free to ask questions!
Love Nikki xxx

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