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The Power Of You

Posted by Nikki Otto on
The Power Of You
STOP, just stop!
Feel that guidance within you that never leaves …. it knows what lights you up, it knows what dulls your sparkle but you just ignore it and keeeeep on going don’t ya!
What is your destiny? If you are happy beauuuutiful keep doing what you do! If you’re not STOP right now and know that YOU my friend need to put some time into investing in YOU…. there really is nothing more important than the power of now….
And YES there are people out there that are content…. but don’t compare yourself to them cause that doesn’t even matter right now! You are not them and they are not you!
I am a fan of Tony Robbins…. everything about him from his bouncing on his wee trampoline and little spins that he does before he pounces through his curtains to go on stage… to his ability to I have thousands of people engaged while he is completely present with the one person that he is talking to in the crowd. If you ever get a chance to watch him on Netflix “I’m not your guru” it’s empowering and motivating and forces people into taking responsibility for change because they are ready and hungry for it!
Energy is something that you can use in a positive or negative sense, it’s your choice…. you are not a victim, your life happened the way it happened, you can’t change it, it’s made you into the beautiful person that you are today…. it’s been your teacher and Mould so you sure as hell don’t want to waste it buy dwelling on it…. feel it and move on…. You’ve got this guys, you really have!
Love Nikki xxx

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