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Gossip Queen

Posted by Nikki Otto on
Gossip Queen
Okay bitches so I’m an advocate of world peace, I’m a lover not a hater, I try to see people for who they are before I create stories about them….and when people are being nasty I either speak up or change the subject BUT I also live in the real world and love a bit of harmless gossip…. SO when is gossiping okay and when isn’t it…
My longest profession has been a hairdresser… people traditionally put hairdressers in the catagory of being ‘gossips’, this has ALWAYS ripped my nighty because I have always prided myself on not being a gossip…. and when I had staff years ago if they were caught gossiping they would be pulled up on it very quickly! In fact I often had clients that couldn’t stand each other so I would juggle appointments without them knowing so that they didn’t have to feel uncomfortable…. so you can imagine the stuff you know about people, it can pull on your heart strings, make you angry, feel sorry for them, love them, hell sometimes even dislike them…. but the point being that was and never will be a place to gossip!
So hands up if you bitch about people with anyone that will listen? Some of you are probably in denial and some of you will be feeling guilty as you read this…. I see it and hear it alllll of the time and I wonder if those people put some of that time and energy into themselves that maybe the world would be a nicer place huh…
I have some beautiful friends… you know the ones that you feel safe with, you can be a dick, a geek, ditzy, silly… they love you when you are good, and they love you when you aren’t… these people are your people… they are the ones that you can confide in, trust, have a light hearted goss to and know that you are not judged for it and that it won’t go any where… and it may even be just one person… and that is perfect!
But when it’s your workmates, your customers, a person in the street that you don’t even know that well, damn you probably don’t even know where they live …. STOP ITttttttt! Why are you doing it? Why are you so unhappy and sad…. you are an Eeyore people leave your presents and probably want to go home and take a shower lol…. is your convo so bad that you only have mean negative things to say?…. wouldn’t you rather be a tigger bouncing around and drawing people in because your energy is so good?
My mum has always said that what other people say about you is none of your business …. hell yes it is if it’s not true! And if it’s hurtful!
So next time you open up your conversation  think about who you are talking to, what you are talking about and if it’s appropriate with this/these people cause damn girl who wants to be known as the town gossip?
All it takes to make this world a more beautiful place is to make one change at a time so let’s start with this one thing… I know who my tribe are and I hope that you do to
Big loves
Nikki xxx

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