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Ritual Bundle


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The Ritual Bundle is your choice of either white sage or Palo Santo both creating a beautiful high vibe. Bringing your space Cleansing, light & love & helping you to set new intentions & create abundance into your life. 

Your Choice of:

1 x bundle of Palo Santo

1 x 15 cm Selenite wand

1 x small bundle of dried flowers


1 x White Sage Smudge Stick

1 x 15 cm Selenite Wand

1 x small bundle of dried flowers.

How to Use:

Remove dried flowers and selenite wand before you light!

Creating a beautiful Ritual your way… candles (don’t forget to blow out safely), crystals, tarot cards, music what ever your heart desires!

Light your sage or PS stick, blow out flame, let the smoke smoulder going around your space corner to corner filling your space with light, sending any negative energy back to where it belongs with love & light.

Approximately 5- 6 inches.



Meditate, light Sage blow out flame, let white smoke purify your sacred space. Go from corner to corner with love and light affirmations, cleansing away negative energies.Includes Smudge Ritual Card with directions, Ritual and Affirmation.

Approximately 5-6 inches