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Mystical Magic Kit


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Putting together beautiful kits is such an uplifting service! 
After playing around with a limited Edition Roller blend we thought how magical would it be for it to come with products that you can use to set intentions for yourself....

How we love to use:

Create a space at a time where you can make it feel tranquil! Put on some music or a meditation. Find a saucer & lighter to light your Palo Santo. Light it so that it smoulders & either leave it on the saucer (as long as it is safe) or do a wee cleanse of the room before you start... opening a window & repeat “ sending any negative energy back to where it belongs with love & light” “ May my home be fill of love & laughter” or something like that.

Snuggle up with a blanket, place a cushion under you butt, leaning on a sofa, wall in an upright position. (All that matters is that you are warm & comfortable)

Shake & Spritz your Aura Cleanse, close your eyes while holding your favourite crystal (in this case your Rose Calcite)

& relax....

“Today is a day of happiness & peace. I am grounded & centred. I am grateful for my beautiful life that is filled with so many blessings. May I move through my day with Consciousness, Grace & Love”


Love Nikki xxx

You will receive :

1 x Aura Cleanse Spray

1 x Rose Calcite Tower

1 x Mystic Magic limited edition roller blend

1 x Palo Santo Bundle