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The Journey

Posted by Nikki Otto on
The Journey
This journey of life hey it will never stop, as a friend mentioned a few weeks ago we are ‘forever the student’ and once You let the flow of life begin and relax, a wholllleee new bunch of exciting opportunities can come from no where!
Having gut feelings and a sense of pain for people around me wanting to ‘fix’ people and help them was something that I use to do with no hesitation at all… so when I regularly hit walls I would end up  run down or sick without realizing why…. you see having so much empathy means that your senses are naturally on high alert… and often you mistake people being upset for them being upset with you so that’s when paranoia can set in. So I spent hours, sleepless nights and years of worrying what people thought of me… which is bitter and sweet because as a business owner being an empath meant I was always striving for my clients to have the best service and experience from myself and my team…. but in the end it was at the cost of putting my family and myself last… sooooo once I started delving in to new things I became inspired because I had never had hobbies before and suddenly needed more time away from work. Through this process I started to do more for myself because I found some happy! This doesn’t mean that you don’t care about people any more, it simply means that you comit to yourself first…  a magical balance…..
Through all of that journey My personal self discovery was that I’m pretty simple, my life works best when I can be with my family, not work crazy hous and have time to do what I love…. this may be completely different for what works for you but if you know deep down that you are not loving life, try new things who knows what will make your heart flutter!
Love YOU
Love Nikki xxx

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